Curiosa, Lindholmen, Vallentuna kommun, Sweden 

#Curiosa in #Lindholmen, #Vallentuna Kommun, #Sweden. Always a nice place to visit on a Sunday afternoon. You can have a cup of coffee and a piece of cake & there’s lots to browse. Sometimes the attic of the barn is a gallery.

Cadillac parked at Roslagsstoppet. Second Hand and Vintage is quintessentially Summertime in Sweden! 

Summer in the suburbs of Stockholm. Roslagsstoppet Car Boot Sale June 2014. This ‘Loppis’ is my favourite. People are very friendly and you always find something worth the price tag! 

Maniki-neko found at Täby Gallopet car boot sale, outside Stockholm, June 2014.

So happy it is ‘Loppis’ season again. I can see that second hand is in vogue with a lot more people coming year after year. Stockholmers can check out for more info.

Summer in Sweden.

After a long, cold winter, ‘Loppis’ season is back in full swing in Sweden. I managed to make it to Roslagsstoppet last Sunday, only to get chased away by the rain. Watch this space, more snapshots to come!