So happy it is ‘Loppis’ season again. I can see that second hand is in vogue with a lot more people coming year after year. Stockholmers can check out for more info.

Summer in Sweden.

After a long, cold winter, ‘Loppis’ season is back in full swing in Sweden. I managed to make it to Roslagsstoppet last Sunday, only to get chased away by the rain. Watch this space, more snapshots to come!

End of the summer - but the season isn’t over yet!

Nice to see local food appearing on the Loppis at Täby.

“Justice relates to truth, fortitude to goodness, and temperentia to beauty; while prudence, in a sense, comprises all three. The type of realism which behaves as if the good, the true, and the beautiful were to vague and subjective to be adopted as the highest aims of social or individual life, or were the automatic spin-off of the successful pursuit of wealth and power, has been aptly called ‘crackpot realism’. Everywhere people ask: ‘What can I actually do?’ The answer is as simple as it is disconcerting: we can, each of us, work to put our own inner house in order. The guidance we need for this work cannot be found in science or technology, the value of which utterly depends on the ends they serve; but it can still be found in the traditional wisdom of mankind.

— E.F. Schumacher, from the conclusion to Small Is Beautiful: Economics as If People Mattered”

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Ceramic dog and spider. Time to do some dusting!

Ceramic dog and spider. Time to do some dusting!